hi i'm ashley and i'm a big dumb worrying nerd that likes lots of anime and cosplaying and game of thrones and lotr and i hope you're having a wonderful day (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

man i am so burnt out but i have so many exams because finals period is coming up and these dumb chemistry professors think they can give me a final midterm the week before the final like can we please just

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killin’ it on the calc ii exams - 90 and 92 and the final is left awh yeah 

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Deleted scene with Loras and Margaery (x)




blueberry lemon dutch baby.


commander handsome …. i don’t draw enough of you and i’m ashamed …

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when Jaime looks at Joffrey you can just see him thinking oh so that’s why you shouldn’t fuck your sister